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How it works

RE-NT is the first circular fashion facility service offering fashion brands a tech-driven rental solution with a fully integrated fulfilment service for their business model.

Increase profit and generate new customer segments with the integrated RE-NT button on online stores.

Join the future of fashion with RE-NT.



Data analytics, website integration and advanced tech systems to support reverse logistics and our eco-friendly, circular economy solution reducing waste and CO2.

ARtificial intelligence

AI-enabled solutions to optimise our infrastructure, ensure circular product and material flow, minimize waste in product repairs and increase warehouse management efficiency.


Secure transparency and trust with the RE-NT fashion blockchain solution to track items, assure product authenticity and secure payment systems.

Why RE-NT?

New Revenue Channels

70% of customers who rent an item end up purchasing the item afterwards.

End-to-End Solution

Implement a full closed-loop system with our tech-driven end-to-end rent management and take-back recycling system.

Data Analytics

Generate customer insights to improve products and services for new circular demands: size, style, material.

Increase Inventory Usage

One item can be rented out on average 30 times, increasing revenue and lowering off-price and overstock issues.


RE-NT blockchain solution assures trusted track and trace management, generating full-loop customer data.

Fashion Leader

Fashion rental is the future. Be at the forefront of the circular economy for your customers.

Our Mission

To do this, we OFFER a fully closed-loop rental experience for your brand.

Who we are

Robina von Stein

Co-Founder | CEO

Robina is the visionary behind RE-NT. Renting fashion is the future. Ownership will stay by the brands, products will be regenerative and restorative by design. RE-NT is the first step towards a circular fashion future. Like nature, fashion will be circular, no waste.

Tabitha Swanson

Head of Design & Marketing

Tabitha is passionate about both design and marketing and believes that the best solutions come from thoughtful research paired with creative thinking.

Felix Dieckmann

Co-Founder | COO

Felix brings over 10 years of experience in logistics and operations management to RE-NT. Data-driven, analytical, and solution-focused, he creates clear organizational structures while leaving space for creative innovation.

Advisory board

Bianca Koczan

Senior Lecturer
HTW Berlin

Dr. Tristan Behrens

Senior Data Scientist and AI Expert
AI Guru

Ullash Hazarika

Data Scientist Advisor
Oxford decisions ltd

Valentin Kalinov

Project Manager at Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics
WU Vienna


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