Circular Fashion

What is circular fashion?

Circular fashion means a never-ending life-cycle for fashion items.

A circular fashion industry is a regenerative system in which garments are able to circulate with maximum value retained for as long as possible before being able to re-enter the system through reuse or recycling. To transform the industry, responsible, clever and creative decisions need to be taken in every aspect of a garment’s life - from choosing the right materials, design and construction, retail and use, to finally reuse and recycling. Therefore we provide state of the art research, expertise and practical assets through workshops and software tools that help your brand transition towards circular practices.

Currently less than 1% of the material used to make clothes is recycled into new clothes (* Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 2017). We want 100%. The fashion industry is currently the second largest polluter worldwide. With enormous water consumption, CO2 emissions, and pollutants, the fashion industry is not as beautiful as we wish it to be. No Change, No Future!

How does RE-NT contribute?

RE-NT is a platform that enables a PET system for the fashion industry. Not only can you rent clothes with RE-NT, but if you fall in love with a piece, you can buy it and then send it back to us for recycling when you're done. We'll take care of getting it to the right facilities to reduce waste in landfills and cut waste out of the system. We believe that the future of fashion is circular - it will be restorative and regenerative by design and clothes can continually be reused and repurposed. .

We believe that the future of fashion  RE-NT is the first point to start a beautiful journey to become fully circular. We reimagine the fashion industry and move to a new circular economy.